Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dripping Inevitability

New sculpture that employs the technique of heat-bluing to color the steel.

Also just an update. I'll be leaving california and headed east in the next couple days, I should be back in NY by the 22nd.
Be ready NY.
-Love, Zac

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I did a whole series of drawings which I framed with old record jackets for some interesting combinations. All are on display at Tweekin in SF.
This is just a sample, more coming soon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zacmax x Tweekin

Alright anyone who's in SF should come through to the show this friday and if you know people in SF spread the word.

Here's my little press release dealio:

Opening this friday at Tweekin Records is a show of new works by New York based Metal Sculptor, Zac Shavrick. The show will feature an array of sculptures and drawings of varying different sizes. The new work ranges from the disturbing to iconic, from a despotic monster to Don Quixote to a bust of Albert Einstein.

The work will be on display for three weeks.

Opening reception: Friday, january 15th -

Closing reception: Friday, January 29th

Location: Tweekin Records, located at 593 Haight st. in San Francisco, CA.

Free Delerium Tremens (beer)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Making Martin

The latest sculpture I'm working is a bust of of Martin the ex-boxer, ex-Cruz-Azul-professional-soccer-goalie and Diesel Engine Mechanic. Currently doing preliminary studies and the preparatory work.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Listing (starboard!)

So I haven't written anything in a very long while and I believe I'm definitely due to give something of an update... but I'm not particularly fond of generic updates (though I have surely written my share) Lists on the other hand, I'm quite fond of. So in light of the new decade I think I'll write up a list of um... well I'll just write up a list:

List Part A. Section 1. Subsection I : A list of possible names and ideas for lists post 2009 :
-A list of things from this past year that are worth mentioning
-A list of things from this past year to remember never to do again
-A list of things from this past year that make me sound impressive
-A list of resolutions for the new year
-A list of goals for the new year
-A list of sculpture ideas for the new year
-A list that is extremely random and replete with complicated and ridiculous structuring denominations
-A list that somehow includes bits and pieces of each of the above ideas.

List Part B. section 1, with regards to subsection II (unwritten) of previous section: a nod to the past:
-Last year, 2009, I made an excursion (towards the end of the year mind you) to California
-This year, 2010, I am currently still in California
-I miss NY
-I successfully created all of the following sculptures in 2009:
1. Malevolution
2. Man going through rolling machine
3. Dragon
4. Man with gas mask smoking a cigarette and his mutated dog
5. Bust of Einstein
6-x (x being a number between 40 and 50) other sculptures of various shapes and sizes
-I read Infinite Jest and The Brothers Karamazov.
-2009 was a difficult year.

List Part B-2 Section 1: A look to the future
-Improve upon the 3 S's
I. Spanish
-Drink less
-Attempt to mitigate hypocritical feelings about killing animals by eating less meat.
-Create my biggest sculpture to date
-New T-shirts (a lot of em)
-New Website
-New Hairdew
-Read War and Peace

Part D-1, Sub-subsection XXI as pertains to all previous sections both written and unwritten, as is dependent on which onionlike layer of time you exist within: Predictions and Musings:
-California will most likely drift into the ocean (as will Rhode Island)
-I should call Nick Wu more often
-The majority of roads in the united states will remain under construction
-The human race will narrowly evade extinction once more
-The iPhone will suck big time
-Actually the iPhone already kinda sucks
-I want to learn to cook Thai food