Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Goat

So over the last several weeks I have spent my time laboring over an eight and half foot tall Humanoid-Goat sculpture, aptly named Rusty (name courtesy of Adi). The last week I was rushed to finish the sculpture before packin' up and heading off so I had to work long hours and do some serious improvisation with my slim pick of rusty (and very difficult to weld) scrap. Nonetheless I managed to finish the piece in time and we had a nice little party to celebrate it's completion and my departure.

My time at Keyma Farms was nothing short of wonderful. Here's a quick photo log of some of the stuff I made there and some of the people I met.

A bench made by my father and I

The Laughing Tomatoe

Rusty the Goat

Bunchoo, the most incredibly skilled and talented man I have ever met in my life, and I.

Better shots of Rusty coming soon.