Friday, April 30, 2010

Glove me tender.

Okay so I was blessed with a brief respite because "Zac" had a "shoulder injury". Oh the poor guy hurt himself doing one too many push-ups or something (like I give a shit, nobody cares about how I'm feeling) so he took a nice and easy couple days off (pussy). But today, he started up again, same deal: putting me on all types of hot pieces of metal and watching as my seams fray and my leather blackens (I think he gets some sort of sick pleasure out of this). At one point he took his hand out because it was burning inside... okay lets analyze this: if his hand is burning on the inside than imagine how it is for me on the outside. It's ridiculous! Look at me! Two days of work and I'm barely holding together. I don't know how much more of this I have in me.

Oh what a cruel destiny fate has chosen for me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glove Hurts

Okay, let me make clear a change of tone from yesterday; that post was written by a glove who knew not what was coming. You see I was all excited, I thought "Hey! I'm getting out of this boring old store" and believe me I figured anything was better than hanging around on a wall all day and night, boy was I wrong.

I finished my first day working on the hands of this "Zac" person and I'm going to say right now, right off the bat, I don't like him. Don't get me wrong, he might make some real nice artwork... but he has no regard for his gloves (not just me either, there was veritable graveyard of incapacitated gloves lying around ). He treated me as if I have no feelings at all. Yesterday was my first day on the job, you'd think he'd go easy, gimme a pep talk or something. But no, he just starts welding away. And at first I'm like "hey this isn't so bad" I could see there being a Zen to this.... but then it just keeps going and going. And the heat! My goodness. I mean it ripped a hole in my chest simply from proximity! And thats another thing about this "Zac" fellow he constantly puts me directly on the hot steel! He doesn't even have the regard to dip his work in water or at least wait for it too cool down!! He just keeps it hot and just uses me as shield against the heat, can you believe that?! He just holds me in front of the hot weld flame, so the heat doesn't get to his ungloved right hand! I mean look at me; I'm coming apart at the seems and thats only after day one!

Maybe that was all just some cruel initiation and tomorrow will be an ice cream party...

.... I Hope.

Glove stories.

Hello everybody I'm Zac's glove and I'm happy to say I'll be joining Zac both here on this blog as well as in the shop. So this is me just kinda signing in and saying hi and getting myself acquainted with blog format. I also just want to say that I'm real excited to be working with Zac on all of his exciting endeavors and doing whatever I can to help. I really don't know too much about metal work to be honest but I'm always up to learn new things!

Alright well, you'll be hearing regular updates from me soon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother Nature has a temper.

I think it's time we as human's take stock. That's right count all your ducks and set them in a row, because the earth, well, in my estimation, she aint' too happy these days. We've been on a tear for way too long, destroying and destroying and destroying our precious terra-firma. And surprise surprise, this entity thats billions of years older than us is starting get really fed up with these little mites on it's surface who keep trying their damnedest to chew up everything good she's got to offer. So maybe the volcano in Iceland wasn't the worst disaster of all time, maybe it's just a warning shot, a little wake up call or what have you. She's just letting us know, that the earths got weaponry that no nuclear bombs can fight, it's armed to the gills with some serious firepower, it's got fire, it's got ice, it's got lightning, it's got earthquakes, tidal waves, winds, you name it she can fuck you up with it. I mean we've all seen the day after tomorrow, despite being a pretty boring movie, it does depict some truly pressing and terrifying imagery (if you haven't, it's about what happens when the earth recedes into another ice age), and what it depicts is not pure fantasy, rather just a possible variant of what this world could lapse into if we don't treat it properly. So take stock.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Dirge for another social network...

Twitter oh twitter

you're so very lame

the reason I use you

I just can't explain

Twitter oh twitter

it's all quite the same

your meeps and your tweets

are simply a pain

Twitter oh twitter

I just can't refrain

to post and to post

to bitch and complain

Twitter oh twitter

I constantly strain

to be heard by the world

but it all seems in vain

Twitter oh twitter

I try to maintain

the one-forty limit

but it's so hard to contain

Twitter oh twitter

I've boarded your train

but its only in hopes

of profit and gain

Twitter oh tiwitter

it seems your fates in the drain

and it was going so well

until the new ad campaign.

Twitter oh twitter

you'll soon fall like rain

go the way of the Dodo

and end up like Kurt Cobain

Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I grow up I want to be an explosion.

I remember when I used to say... "When I grow up I'm gonna be an Artist" or astronaut or whatever. The point is I've come to the realization that there is no actual growing up. We are always who we are, just at different stages of saturation. I've always been an artist and I'd have to say that the purity with which I made art has only been tarnished by my years on this planet. My purest artistry came from wide eyed youth, the art of not knowing any better. I'm still just as much a kid today as I was in elementary school, only now I've soaked up a lot more superfluous knowledge and come up with all kinds of different strange conundrums and conflicting viewpoints about the relevance of my existence and my profession. I do not feel that youth is part and parcel to the ignorance it is often associated with, rather it is a sort of uncorrupted purity which in many ways supersedes intelligence.

Maybe I'm just too corrupted to get my point across without drudging up a condescending psuedo-sophisticant side of myself that only exists in these heavy pontifications and is comprised of words like "psuedo-" and "pontifications" and "comprised"

oh well.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a handsome young man, and did you see what a cool T-shirt he was wearing?

T-shirts available now. Limited stock per size.
17 per shirt (20 if I don't have change).

Available at SUNY Purchase's Culture Shock festival this coming weekend

Contact me if your interested:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook oh facebook.

Facebook oh facebook your sweeping the nation,

from people complaining to proud remonstrations.

facebook oh facebook your deceiving the nation,

my fan page has a wall, but no insulation.

facebook oh facebook your eating the nation,

as well as the soul of my so called generation.

facebook oh facebook your leaving the nation,

my attention spans short, so I'm changing the station.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Ok I know I said I was gonna do the oversized print with lots of crazy images... but i turns out the guy who I'm using for my printing can't go that big with the design, so to start off I'm going with 50 of the shirt above.

They will be available this coming thursday and I'll have a bunch for sale at Culture Shock taking place at Suny Purchase. Get at me if you want one.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

God bless america... quickly.

Let me start by saying that I don't have television. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy sitting down and watching T.V., only that I've made a conscious decision not to have T.V. because I know how quickly and easily it can suck you in and sap your productivity; also I have a very short attention span and I can't deal with commercials (or most of the programming for that matter). Now don't get me wrong, I'm not some adamant anti-television type, in fact television can be access to a world of highly informative and entertaining..... sorry.. I'm having a little trouble writing this at the moment because I'm currently watching Mythbusters (at someone else's house)... what was I saying? Oh right T.V. can be great, its got a lot to offer, such as shows like Mythbusters and that latest installment to the planet earth series, Life... but as a whole its so riddled with contradictions that its hard to bear, yet no one seems to notice.

I mean lets simply start with Mythbusters, now its not purporting to be a specifically wholesome show, but it is indeed educational, except now they've added a secondary team which is comprised of fairly characterless characters, one of whom is the standard attractive girl, all of whom are obsessed with blowing stuff up and inane use of powerful weaponry. Alright thats not too much of a strike against the show, I like beautiful women as much as the next guy and explosions are indeed cool. So maybe thats a bad example. How about Ax Men or Ice Road Truckers or Deadliest Catch (and I'm just picking on discovery at the moment)... I mean the shows are about average Americans with tough jobs who are doing some real crazy stuff; fulfilling a need, no shame in that... But these shows are about deforestation, raping the ocean, and putting in pipelines to harvest the fossil fuels which we are so quickly and frivolously depleting. There are two sides to every coin; shows about the interesting lives of people who are simple doing a job that needs to be done are also depicting whats wrong with the way we treat the earth... and these are the good shows. These are the shows I watch if I'm at a television, shows that, despite the hypocrisy I'm claiming to see so blatantly, I still enjoy.

The real problem is that Television is more than just a simple thing: it's a mass media. It generates a thought process thats filtered through multiple millions of people, and so much of what is filtered through is pure garbage, not just that little bit of hypocrisy with some human interest attached. Half of television is commercials, commercials for McDonalds and Taco Bell, commercials for prescription drugs to keep you alive and addicted, commercials for insurance, commercials for useless products, propaganda, whatever. Allowing these things to resonate in our skulls is like signing up for mind control. I don't have T.V. and yet I still know the phone number for Nation Wide Warehouse; I feel like I've lost some sort of battle against an enemy I didn't even know existed.

And don't get me started on Reality T.V.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

T-shirt results!

So it looks like number 7 is the most popular followed by numbers 4, 8, and 10.

So here's what I'm going to do: Since I'm not exactly swimming in the dinero at the moment I'm going to start with a limited run of number seven. 50 shirts total, all different sizes, 40 of them will be the standard black on white and ten of them will be red on black (and of course a green one for myself).

The white shirts are 17$ the black ones are 18$ and shipping is extra.
Get em while you can. Shirts arrive in a couple weeks.

This is the finished, tweaked and signed version.