Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chaotic Blogging Tactics

So here I am at the regularly irregular interval of mentioning how I will blog more consistently due to a clifflike drop in my blog-writing tenacity. The Month  of March saw 11 posts in rapid succession, only to see me disengage with equal rapidity and not blog again until may, where I would post a single blog entry and then take a further 2 month break and not post until now, the first of August.  So it may seem kinda strange and unpredictable that my postings can go from 11 one month to 0 the next and then randomly shoot back up again.... well, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. Having had a blog for 6 years now I am prone to sometimes feel apt to be very verbose and write a lot or do a series of sculptures and post daily pictures or something of the sort, and then of course there are the natural lulls where I just have no desire to write blog entries. It actually follows a very common and well known pattern of chaos, the sputtering proliferation of entries coming one moment and then dropping off to nothing the next..... but I guess you could really put the whole "chaos" and "randomness" titles on to pretty much anything and justify the pattern found there in.

So to conclude my rambling I will simply say that it seems very likely that a sputtering jump of blog posts may be likely to occur. This month has a lot of interesting stuff in store, including a new 7+ foot tall sculpture, some cool commissioned works, and the Trainwreck art show being curated by myself and my father (or is it my father and myself?).