Sunday, January 29, 2017

what what what! a new blog post! It isn't so. (oh but it is)

That's right people, this blog post is a formal announcement that I will be commencing old habits and blogging once more. No more of that willy nilly, blog here blog there. I will blog as regularly as possible from now on in a new (SF inspired) trend to be more embracing of social media and marketing and yadda yadda yadda.

So with that in mind I will be doing a few things: first I'm going to give Patreon a try as a platform. I'm going to post with increased regularity on instagram and finally I will be writing regular blogs informing people about my doings and creating and whatnots.

So to start it off I'll give you a quick run-on sentence about whats up :

Currently traveling through California, started in the LA area,  saw some elephant seals, then drove up directly to Napa Valley to see my sister (we saw 8 rainbows on the drive up... seriously), peeped a few redwood trees then stopped in for a few days in Sacramento to check in with my brother (who's business - Luxer One is straight up revolutionary) and now I'm in SF trying to make an animation out of peanut butter and messing around with Raspberry Pi's (little computer things [not food related]) with my good buddy Cam who's working at a digital assistant startup called Fin (it's cool stuff).


I think we're pretty much caught up.

As far as sculpting goes:
Currently working on a Chess set to be built while I'm here in SF and designing a couple Automotive Themed commissions for a client back home.

So stay tuned, images and the like soon to follow...
So how bow dah?
(am I doing it right?)