Sunday, May 04, 2014

The saga (dis)continues...(?)

Wow, it's been almost a year since my last post... I guess I just stopped blogging, despite a multitude of posts about how I  intended to continue blogging to keep people updated on things I just well, I didn't. I have failed to keep the promises I made to the people who probably were'nt (weren't? werent?)... were not reading this in the first place. And if you were reading this looking forward to an occasional update, only to be left these helf baked posts... I apologize.

So maybe I will start blogging again. If only for my self.

Or.. then again...

Maybe I wont.

Maybe I'll let people know what I'm doing, or remind myself of what it is I'm supposed to be doing by pinning these blog entries to my forehead (or, more likely and less dangerously, some various sidebar on some UI display on some program that I don't really use). Because in reality I miss writing.

I used to write a tremendous amount. And I still write a good deal, and I share it amongst friends and peers and colleagues and well thats not all true, but I do write some of the aforementioned (aforementioned meaning the last post which was posted nearly a year ago) freestyles and mess around with rhyme here and there. But this is neither the time or the place, or the space (I can't help it, sorry).

So what am I doing these days, there's been a lot that's happened since the last entry. More than just beatnik stream of thought poetry.

I've started a new website for myself and my dad. so there's that.

I've started my own currency which I call gritcoin, which people can follow the progress of on instagram presuming they have it. #gritcoin

I'm learning programming in order to build a gritcoin website and other websites as well.

I will be unveiling 2 life size sculptures in Rock Hill, NY come June 25th.

Jeeze I should get back to work.

We're also giving away some free sculpture at our property in Ferndale. If you read this you are welcome to come by and pick one out.

(I really like parenthetical statements)