Monday, June 21, 2010

And here we are again.

I know I said I was gonna blog with increased regularly... and I didn't at all. I've been busy. But I'll give a quick visual update. So as a quick week in review: Most of my time has been taken up by a sculpture for Buona Fortuna Pizzeria in Monticello, NY (Cafe Victor).

Also a lot of soccer games, tending to the garden, trying to get more commissions, potentially hiring a marketing assistant/PR agent, working on a bust of ODB, gathering photos for a different portrait, fixing up/finishing bernie, NBA Finals, World cup, building a fence around the garden. Hence : less-than-usual contact with the outside world. But big Bernie is getting plenty of attention. Here's a roll of shots taken (over the course of an hour) by my dad sitting outside of Benji and Jake's in Bethel, N.Y.

My favorite was the guy with guitar who was singing a nice drunken version of John Prine's - Fish and Whistle.

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