Wednesday, January 19, 2011


(The first brief update on my journey)

Israel: the land of Milk and Honey…. I feel the need to rephrase that, to modernize that saying, lets call it…. the land of Sand of Coffee. I find that every nation has it's drug of choice, the Irish like to drink, the Scottish like to drink, the Russians like to drink, people in the Netherlands smoke pot, people at Phish concerts like LSD, the Israeli's drink coffee. Now sure, people everywhere like to wake up and have a cup of coffee, maybe two, maybe three! But in israel it's different. There is a steady diet of Coffee interspersed with the occasional meal. At the sides of highways you see small shacks that sell nothing but coffee, the bars are Bar/Restaurants/Coffee, during lunch it's coffee, after dinner it's coffee. When you decline coffee you are an unfamiliar entity. And it's extra strong coffee no less! Now let's assess the implications of these drugs of choice, in northern california where the drug of choice is Marijuana we find a laid back mentality, a sort of carefree laissez-faire attitude, in Ireland it's drink and sing and fight, at Grateful Dead Reunion tours we see tye-dye and bead-making, in israel you have aggressive salesmanship and tailgating.

(More to come soon)

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