Monday, May 30, 2011

Toys Are Us

So I'm bout to set up a kickstarter project and before I do I want to know how many people are actually interested. So here's my plan:

I want to create a small population of miniature metal people, based on pictures sent to me by You.

In other words I want people to send me pictures of themselves in various poses (serious or silly, with or without props) and I will recreate them as a small (8-10 inch) sculpture. You will have the option to choose either a relative-likeness (perfect portraiture would not be possible on this scale in welded in steel) or monster-ization of the picture. Each sculpture will be around 100-200 dollars (I haven't figured everything out yet exactly). I want this to be massive, so that each little sculpture can interact with the other ones, which means I'll need to make somewhere around 100 sculptures for this to work. The whole project will culminate in a weekend long event on my property where people are invited to camp out and spend some time in the rural upstate-NY. Lemme' know what you guys think and I'll move the project forward accordingly.


Soff said...

Brilliant idea. Add me to the list of investors.

prozac said...

Send me a pic you want me to use.