Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Show it goes.

Okay, so I failed to take any really good photographs of the show... I know, I know, silly me. I was kinda busy just running around and.... stuff. So I'm putting out a request for anyone who was at the show and had a camera and happened to take any pictures to please send them to me! artbyzacmax@gmail.com


Otherwise the show was a wonderful success! I found it to be a much more enjoyable and refreshing experience than most shows which I have had in my life. Often times when I have a show there is an expectation and even a dependance on the show to be a monetary success. And when this is the case, there is a necessity for me to try and sell my work and a let down if no sales are made, and either way it's always anticlimactic. In this case it was far more enjoyable, the work which was being displayed was not for sale, and the people who came to pick up their sculptures were all excited and I had no expectations. It was an all around excellent experience. There certainly was no anti-climax, because as opposed to being something which is final and has a sense of something coming to an end (as shows often do) this felt more like a relaxing half-time break where I get to step out of my frenzied-secluded-work-mode, if only for a couple days, and indulge in some socializing.

I would have been right back into it, but I happened to get a little shard of metal in my eye a couple days before my show, and failing to remove the piece of metal caused a ring of rust to form on my eye. So the day after the show I went to the eye doctor who promptly cleaned the rust off my eye (I assure it has all been quite painless). The procedure left me with a patch on my eye for the rest of the day, so I was forced to take a by-day.. And so it'll have to suffice as my excuse for not having worked today as well....

But I must get back to the full swing of things, and added to my to-do-list is the epic task of sending out all these little sculptures to their proper locations around the globe... so, before I do, I figured I'd let them catch one more glimmer of attention, before they make the long journey to their new homes. I will be having an improvisational show somewhere(s) in the city this friday... It'll definitely be set up for a period of time in the Lower East Side and I may move it elsewhere at some point during the day.

More details soon.

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