Thursday, September 10, 2009


I think as an aspiring artist it's ones job to kind of overproduce everything. Not to just shoot for par. Let people expect something moderately cool or interesting and then give them something that makes them do one of those double-takes or mouth-agape-with-awe faces. But I also have to strike a balance; to subsist off my art is to create within my means and still give people more than what they expected. Well I've recently been commissioned to sculpt a Dragon, maybe something like seven feet tall or so with a nice expansive wing-span and I'm being paid... well lets not discuss monetary issues, lets just say I've gone well beyond the call of duty (thats what I'm really trying to get at here). The sculpture is getting out of hand. I mean I can no longer lift even the head (pictured her in a stage much lighter than it's current, more fleshed out, manifestation), or rather I shouldn't lift the head and I did already much to the dismay of my shoulders which have this weird electric tingling sensations shooting through them. So now I have this giant dragon in my small shop and it's taking up all my work space, so I can't really work on other projects in the mean time and the body is so fuckin' heavy I can't move it around, the head needs two people to get it off the ground, I still have light fixtures to install (the eyes light up and it will project a red light out from it's mouth. Also I know nothing about wiring and electricity), I have spikes to adorn, two large wings to fabricate and on top of all that I'm going to have to cut it into pieces and re-assemble it on location. Oh boy.
more pictures coming soon.

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