Tuesday, September 15, 2009

writing for writings sake.

What a strange species we are, us humans. We do such silly things like build really tall buildings and make cars that belch smoke and level mountains and clear forests. Oh to be human. We seem to be constantly digging away at the surface of our planet hoping to find something new that we can use for our own benefit, creating entire governments and societies around these non-replenishable resources that have been stumbled upon in a fortuitous windfall by a lucky few. Golly. I mean no wonder Lottery is so popular. Lottery in tandem with prayer is even more popular.

Maybe there is a set composition to every human. Within us there are certain criteria we need to fulfill in one way or another. We need something to do, to actively do, every one of us needs some sort of daily objective, even if the objects goal is to sit around and do nothing, thats the drive. Than we all have our various cravings, food, drink, sleep, sex, love, power, substance, whatever. Most of which we tend to in moderation, each one filling in a necessary node of our existence. But beyond fulfilling these things in moderation we need a single focal point. One of those things to be picked out of the hat ( insert here some sort of long winded nature vs nurture argument on how we derive our focus, as opposed to my more sweeping randomness theory) and really go at that one thing or combination of things. We need that central focus to drive us, even if that focus is the aforementioned nothingness; everyone must have something to push towards. I think we are all subject to our own ebbs and flows as well, that everyone pulses to some sort of rhythm, some more jarringly rapid than others. Some people pulsate every hour in some sort of strange rhythmic bipolarity and others may have seasonal swings and shifts some have both; all have something. No one is static.
I'm not sure what I'm getting at or, probably more correctly, if I want to use this blog as the sounding board for arriving wherever I may arrive...

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