Monday, October 12, 2009

New head on old shoulders.

I posted earlier about the anguish of Ugolino and how I made a sculpture based on him... however, as it turns out, I was unhappy with the pairing of his amalgamated-scrap body with the tediously rendered face. So I took his head off and put a different one on (if only life were that simple). For the moment Ugolino will simply be a bust; until I get around to sculpting a more detailed and fitting body, as well as a family to go along with him. But for now I present The Salvaged:

1 comment:

knife knife cut cut bang bang said...

homie is busted. those pegs remind me a lot of crutches. good show. ugolino needs to find a better way to hustle,he looks a hot mess. omg IDEA! make him a t-shirt that says hot mess.
ok so i was being very sarcastic, but i love it. he is busted though, a man on his last leg. (insert laughter)