Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welding for a Nimbler Generation: Sculptrobatics

I present to you a series of some of the most daring and difficult moves in competitive welding:

Our first maneuver is known as the One Handed Government Bend: The welder throws himself over the perilous spikes of his dragon sculpture, left leg splayed against the dragons head, right hand operating the trigger, left hand is placed cooly behind his back for added stylistic effect:

Our next maneuver is known as a Left Handed Quasimodo BuzzBox: here the welder squeezes himself into the tightest little ball, operating the trigger with his left hand and positioning the nozzle with his right:

This next Maneuver is known as Arc and Circumstance: a difficult contortion and balancing act, all the while concentrating on the sticky welding operation of Arc Welding (as opposed to the easier trigger based MIG) the left hand here is used as pivot and weld guide:

This maneuver is called the Brazen Recliner: A simple relaxed method thats more stylistic than practical:

And finally we have a great moment in welding history: The welder, aged 14 is seen here attempting the incredibly difficult Deep Freeze Splay Legged Chasm Extension.

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