Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kickstarter update/rant.

Okay so the project is now 12 days in, with over 1600 dollars towards the goal raised. But now I need to step it up. With only 28 days left to complete the goal of 8000 I will need everyones help. At this point many people may be wondering why such a high number. Well granted the undertaking of making the 80 some odd pieces will be staggering and ridiculous. But that is really the point. I'm tired of art not being staggering and ridiculous. In fact that's what truly irks me about art in this day and age. I was flipping through Art in America today, and every other page was some sparse soulless work ( for more examples of sparse and soulless see Richard Sera's retrospective at The Met), and it's really tiring and a little upsetting (although it's not nearly as upsetting as this or this but I'll save that angst for another day). So my goal here is not to just make something vapid and simple and easy. But to sweat and toil and work my ass off and make something truly and utterly incredible. That is why I want to create 80 or more little figures, all interacting and doing crazy things. So that when you enter the space which I have created for these characters, you are truly blown away, the detail will draw you in and on top of that you, the audience, are helping me create the project itself. I will post a new video of me making one of these sculptures. Also new options are available such as pets, family packages, one person requested they be riding on a giraffe. So even if you can't buy a sculpture, just the general support and letting people know will be a great help to make this project a success. I appreciate it.

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