Monday, June 27, 2011

Current Kickstarter!

So at this point there are 17 days remaining for my kickstarter project and so far I've got around 30 orders. My goal is to hit 80! So I need to up my efforts. I need the help of all my friends and family in order to get this project moving. This project is not specifically about each sculpture (though each piece is integral to the whole), but rather about the accumulation of all the sculptures into one giant mass of figures, humans and monsters, interacting with each other. A swirling microcosm of the madness of humanity. So please (and I must apologize for I hate agonizing over solicitation, but it is a necessary evil sometimes) every bit of help counts, even if it's only a 1 dollar backing or you just post this on your facebook wall, whatever you can do is greatly valued. Thanks again.

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