Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is the story of a Hurricane

There is a strange feeling before a hurricane. Especially in a place that isn't accustomed to hurricanes. It feels as if I'm in some sort of an echo chamber, where the weather's tendencies are amplified, to the point where every whistle and whimper of the air is a cacophonous scream. It's not so much that each piece of weather on it's own is surprisingly jarring, it's that the build up around the entire weather system makes each drop of rain and gust of wind feel like the harbinger of a great whirling weather system; a consuming goliath slowly marching it's way up the coast line, taking note of the areas to our immediate south, but only as casual acquaintances on the way to it's ultimate destination: right here.

That's right. This storm has come to knock loose a branch upon the hood of my car while I drive briskly to safety on a country road and leave me paralyzed or dead. Of course this isn't what's going to happen. Nor is it the reality I live with in the moments leading up to this storm, but the pulse of the world around me is something to this effect. I can't say the storm won't do damage. Quite the contrary, I can say it's already done damage. Whatever fear and worry and foreshadowed notions of the storm to come, of subways flooding (causing rats to swarm the streets), of trees being plucked out of the moist soil like rotting weeds, of cars being blown off the grown like windswept umbrellas, is probably doing more damage to our nerves than the storm will to any of the surrounding area. I wish I was being facetious with my accounts of what people presume the oncoming storm to impend, but all of these things have been voiced to me by the people around me. Now certainly I don't know what's going to happen, and taking precautions seems like a good idea, but the air… there is something to the air before this storm, which feels like I am not watching the coming of a level 1 hurricane, but rather there is a tingling vibration like the nuclear pulse of an ever uncertain cold war.

Oh and updates on the show, new pictures of the latest kickstarter projects, a video, some t-shirt designs, stickers, postcards, and a glimpse into the next (massive) project I plan on undertaking, all coming very very soon. (seriously).

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PROZAC said...

please forgive my use of pretentious vocabulary words in the opening paragraph. It happens sometimes.