Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Examiner and Re-Examiner.

The very sassy Kerri ( @NYfolkexaminer ) has made her first appearance in metal. Check out her excellent column on NY area folk art Here.

As I'm cresting the halfway point of this project I believe it's time to give a little recap as to what it's all about:

The Toys Are Us project was actually something I had conceived of many years ago but never had a chance to do. I had always wanted to create a room that you walk into that is just filled with little people and monsters , to make something massive out of lots of tiny things. A little world. I don't (generally speaking) like things that are too sparse or simple, so when I conceived of the idea I always wanted it to have hundreds of characters, so that when someone stepped into this environment it becomes truly overwhelming. But it was one of those projects that I never got around to accomplishing and always kept in the back of my mind. It occurred to me that peopling the project with creatures purely from my imagination would be a lot of fun, but it would be even cooler if I could get people to send me pictures off of which the sculptures would be based. And since I was making them in somewhat of a bulk fashion I could do it a cheaper than average cost... like a Groupon. So I figured I'd send my idea over to kickstarter, since I had heard so much about the website, and see how it fared. If it didn't generate the activity necessary than it would be no sweat of my back, and if it did... well, here I am. The project far exceed my expectation and left me with a crazy crazy work load. My cup runneth over. So I'm working every day, hoping to crank out an average of 3 sculptures a day until the show on October 15th. Some days I succeed some days I fall short. But seeing as the masses of little sculptures are ever encroaching on my areas of personal space, the future looks bright for a seething mob of miniature humans and monsters.

And who knows, there may even be a companion book to go along with the project.....

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I LOVE my monster, you're the best!!!!