Thursday, February 16, 2017

Instagram comes to the blog. ZAMCAX!

So I've been battling the question "how social media?"   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ...I can step up my meme game that's for sure.... but is that for me, is that my move, is that my life? ( cue Nate Dogg [rip] : "my life!") .

I'm not sure. I mean maybe it is actually... but thats not the point, the point is; whatever I do, be it memes or sculptures or animation or video games (hopefully) I need a pattern and a trend and a way to release this info. What's free, what can I charge for, can I justify charging for it. What diet of releasing the content is healthy for subscribers and interested parties, what level is healthy for me, does it eat into my actual creative process and of course the ever present does any of it even matter?

The last question is relevant not just to me, but to anyone who wants to market themselves, believe in themselves, and pursue their dreams and passions as an artist.  Of course it's  the most difficult one to answer, but in short I will say this: Art is about forging new territory and being out on the edge, and nothing represents the future and advancement of society like social media and the internet. And selling art like this represents this is a huge paradigm shift. Art can now belong to the many, not just the select few, and the artist can still earn enough to eat (sounds like a win - win).

So for me,  I've made the decision,: yes, for it's worth it to self promote (though maybe I don't  always enjoy it) and to market (though I'm not good at it) and to hustle (can't knock that) my work to the world via... via... ? What's the best way to digitally promote oneself? So yes back to the initial question:  "How social media?"

So I've made the  following decision:
I've decided to post everything I post on instagram on here. That means any picture on IG will also be posted here. And sometimes  I will add more information or back story...  Sometimes I will release exclusive content on to anyone who subscribes at all to my patreon account 1$+ (There will also be raffles and give aways for patreon supporters, and you can subscribe to get regular T-shirts or other gear whenever I make anything..)

Also coming soon: chess sets with customizable/comissionable kings.

Brought to you by ZAMCAX Snacker Cracks corp.

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