Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Pix and Patr

Website got streamlined a bit. Blog got spruced up. One thing to note is that the People section was added to the website to invite anyone who has a picture with any of my sculptures and would like to be on the website please send it to  (re: photo of (your name here))

Next item of note is the Patreon launch, which I will be doing either today or tomorrow (getting late so probably tomorrow). The Patreon site will include a sort of live update of the chess set which I am making as it gets made. It will also invite people to comment and potentially even live sculpture streams. We will see how that goes. But yeah the first three people who sign up for my patreon account will get free sculptures.  I'll even eat the shipping on the first two.

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Work is effort said...

ZacMax is one our nations true out of the box thinkers and doers.

There is not a project small or large that he cannot contemplate and achieve, no matter who the client is.

I have had the privilege of being trained by Zac and his father Barry in welding and have taken part in a few community enhancing projects in the state of New York.

C'mon, California... bring Zac into your fold and watch what he can do for you.

May God Bless the Shavrick family and Zac's many spiritual and artistic talents.