Thursday, July 30, 2009

God I love being a sculptor.

Many hours later the smell of burning rubber still lingers in my nostrils. I am constantly discovering new pocked burn marks along the length of my forearms. My fingertips have random criss cross patterns from where small cuts have filled with black metal dust and healed over. My knuckle bleeds from where a jagged edge of metal caught me off guard. There is paint drips all down my arm and deep trench from an over-tight welding shield. My hands tingle from the vibration of buffing the sculpture to nice polish with the wire brush wheel on my rickety grinding machine. My shoulders and neck are specked with burn marks from sparks that jumped over my shield and sat there till they burned little craters into my skin. I'm so tired I can't muster up the strength to take a shower and get all the foreign particles that caked to me with a thin layer of dried sweat off.... but man do I love it.

Just finished a new larger-than-life sized figure. 

Heres a quick sneak peak. (more pictures and a video coming soon) 


Rebeca Acosta said...

He looks bad ass and your faces are getting mpre emotive. The hair is hot, If i was a dude I would wear my hair like that. I would also wear a black leather jacket and have a pet duck named Timmy. O almost cried when i read this. I miss metal so much. I can occupy my time, sure. But metal is like the love of my life. seeing a pile of scraps is almost sexual for me. that freaks me out sometimes, my love for art is so vast and few people ever will get even a fraction of the attention. but reading that you feel this great love too is kinda comforting. i also wish i had planned my summer better but i think my inner demons got the best of me. . . no wonder you think i am crazy, but it could be worse, i could be surprise crazy like you. poeple never expect it, you are unpredicatable like a surprise party with drunk people. now that i have made that comment i think of all the crazy i have inflicted on you. WORDS WORDS WORDS.

PROZAC said...

in order to respond to this in general way I think I'll just write a whole blog-entry-follow-up type deal, but on a more personal level ... If I were a girl I would wear the purse that you made and keep de-scented skunk named Fernando in it. And fuck you my craziness is way better.

Shmo said...

So damn awesome. Can't wait to see the dude in full form.