Friday, July 24, 2009

Par for the Course

Sammy sits at home, alone up in the attic

All day he watches TV. Not the stations but the static

Terrance has a kitten whose name he has forgotten 

The cat is under-nourished, for he only feeds him cotton

Billy bought a sling shot, though why he isn’t sure 

So he calls it names and curses it, then throws it on the floor

Johnny lost his wallet, his keys and cell phone too

He can’t remember where they are or how he got into this room

Suzanne thinks it’s funny, to laugh at passersby 

From her home inside the subway grate the she crawled into as a child 

Katherine hasn’t lost her mind at least thats what she claims

she said it’s on vacation, off to see the river Thames

Donald’s tried for hours, just to tie his shoe

He gave it up quite recently and began painting himself blue

Sarah’s body trembles, so cold she’s nearly rigid

Still she leaves the thermostat on the setting labeled “Frigid”

Desmond eyes are crossed all day, though his visions fine

when questioned bout his actions he says “ would you rather I were blind?”

Cary picks up nuts and screws, carefully with gloves

Every evening at the park she feeds her findings to the doves

Brian lives in fear of ghosts, as well as spirits and of phantoms

He claims ones in his closet, holding his unborn child ransom

Kevin keeps us captivated, from the news he blindly reads

He says its streamed into his brain from martian data feeds

Roger has has a hernia, he convinced its just bad luck

But last week they caught him in the street where he tried lifting up a truck

Eric often runs outside, howling at the moon

Sometimes he thinks he’s a wolf, sometimes a baboon

These people do sound funny, some terrible or sad

but when it comes right down to it we’re all equally as mad

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