Thursday, February 11, 2010

how the west was moderately photodocumented.

All photos are reverse chronological order... which means a slight bit of explaining is in order...
Since we left Watsonville, we went down to LA and then drove from LA to Boca Raton, Florida. So the picture below was taken yesterday when I welded a coffee table for grandmother (who, by now you may have guessed, lives in Boca).

Remember folks, never weld in T-shirt, you may look cool, but it's never worth it.

Arm Wrestling Eibol in Watsonville the last night of our stay

Eibol's crazy texan stepdad Bill holding a plastic baby...

Chess, Scotch and Beer in San Fran with my buddy Lou (final score from that night 6-6)

Kickin a volleyball around on the beach in Malibu

This man was actually equipped with bear-mace.

Me meeting Robert Williams, Legendary low brow painter and founder of Juxtapoz magazine (an epic moment in my life)

My dad hiking in Nevada? Arizona? New Mexico? I dunno, one of those westerly states.

Me and Mikey the Wags havin' dinner in St. Louis

The frosty day we set out on this journey

All that which precedes us


BECA said...

dude looks like so so much fun, reading your stories was cool eibol sounds like the man and it was about time you discovered rice pudding paletas. yesterday was a snowday you can pretty much predict what I did, VA! woo! later on though (last night) i drank 2 beers and was trashed, that was kinda lame, not last night, but the 2 beers part.i guess i will leave at that. GUTEN!

PROZAC said...

yeah Michoacanas are the best ice pops ever.

knife said...

you it's not .com

cuts said...

malcolm likes your site. he said "nice arrows"
i think he was calling you a theif. maybe not.

PROZAC said...

Psh I had those arrows on beta versions of this website like before malcolm was born (my uncle hand drew each square on graph paper). And thanks for the heads up about Crushers site.