Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sinful Sinny Simpkins (a sculpture based on a poem)

This is a sculpture I made this past summer, based on a poem I wrote (pictured with and without paint)... four or five years ago.
Here's the poem:

Sinful Sinny Simpkins
eats the cherries from her pies,
when she’s done with all the pickins
she throws the crust at passerbys.
Sinful Sinny Simpkins
Likes Jolly Jimmy Jones,
one can tell that she’s so smitten
as she’s pelting him with stones.
Sinful Sinny Simpkins
catches toads all the time,
she stores them for safe keeping
in the jugs of father’s wine.
Sinful Sinny Simpkins
to reform school she is sent,
to do some inner thinkin
and maybe to repent.


Emilio Subirá said...

Pretty cool, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Zack, This sculpture is awesome! It and the poem remind of Burton's Oysterboy.

PROZAC said...

Thanks Emilio, I really dig your work as well, if I make it out to Seville I'd love to see your studio.

Thanks Alice, I appreciate it, I haven't read that one but I'll look into it.

beca said...

i like this girl.