Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Bernie.

Here's some pictures of the finally completed Bernie, standing in at 9' 10" tall and weighing an easy 850 lb.

Here's an earlier picture of Kenny and myself maneuvering the head into place (also note: the day before install he had no eyes, no hands, no feet and no neck.)

All finished up, Bernie lays down for a nice trip over to the Bethel where he was soon to be installed.

My excellently efficient work crew who helped lift and carry and transport this massive sculpture (from right to left: Michael Ponce, Brandon Huebsch, myself, Dan Green and Josh Green).

Here's a picture of Bernie being fawned by some local ladies.

And here he is in hall is glory:


treesugar said...

love it!!!!

Ami said...

Omg those girls are me and my two cousins! Lol I'm the one with the brown hair haha that's so funny!