Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's better to have a glove thats lost, than to never have gloves at all.

It's been three days now and my glove has not turned up. I was fairly confident that the glove itself was incapable of autonomous movement, however I am thoroughly mystified as to how it could have disappeared. You see I may toss him errantly around in the shop leaving him on Clifford (my welding machine) or on the floor or on a chair, but he always turns up. I really am at a loss here people... I've been using one of the multitude of other disheveled gloves lying around, but it's just not the same. I still cling to the hope that he will return, and until he does I will leave a candle burning in the window of my blog.

Here's a picture of what I made today for my buddy Larry:


Derek said...

link to glove by reggie and the full effect

until he returns.

Anonymous said...

好棒的地方 我一定要常來~~~^^~........................................