Thursday, May 27, 2010

An old poem

Careful Complacency


Please place complacency carefully in the place adjacent to where your sub basement used to be.

Usually the used look that ensues civility in so serene in its own placidity that the dim witted seem geniuses who've been struck dumb accidentally.

I have a reason to believe that there's reason to leave,

the legion of lesions that you are yet to receive,

are seasoned in the easements of the next lines reprieve.

We're all so quick to deceive but you'd be quick to perceive

that through disbelief you'll quickly achieve

that very much needed sigh of relief

so long as you recite all the words that the righteous repeat

and yes, you maintain the right to retreat.

Just be aware;

that there are people out there, who will eat your soul like a treat

cause we're all sides of beef who've just recently learned how to speak,

and we've yet to outgrow that mammalian wont of eating the weak.

So to speak, so it goes

it's all part of show

that we star in for reasons god only knows