Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Potential T-shirts (fun with photoshop)

So I'm due to make some new T-shirts and I have a bunch of ideas but nothing definite. Suggestions and comments are welcome, cause I really don't know what i'm gonna go with. 
I also don't know if some of these images can translate into a shirt (too many colors?)... anyway here's the first run of T-shirt ideas.

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Rebeca Acosta said...

you can always layer colors so you can use 2 colors to make 3. example: blue and translucent yellow = green, blue and yellow. you would just have to layer them correctly yellow on top of blue, so you would have to make sure to print the blue layer first.

you probably arent printing them yourself. in that case the colors are about money..........and hope.

i can just write whatever i want. how annoying. for you. HA. damn i need to get back to school. I havent pissed anyone off all summer. well thats a lie i pissed my brother off when he visited. that was nice.