Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry Slick

Enough of me rambling on about god knows what... how about a nice freshly finished sculpture. Weighing in at an easy 800-1000 pounds standing about 6'8 or so with a hand stretching up near 9 ft. His name tag reads Slick and he's in quite a lot of pain as he gets flattened by the cylinders of a Rolling Machine (used for putting curves in plates of steel and by no means to be messed with).  He cringes in front of the offices of Brakewell Steel only fifty or so feet away from the Dumpster Divers.  The sign reads "Office this way enter at your own RISK"


Rebeca Acosta said...

this is so funny. HA! so great. you have a nice way of making pain funny.

zac said...

Merry Melodies. All day.