Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is me ranting and raving.

Whats going on with the world today. It rained like fifty fuckin days in a row this month. My summer has been soggy. I don't want a soggy summer,  I want overly hot beating sun that makes me appreciate the cold so badly that I only regret my wanting later.  But you know what, the grass is always greener. Let's get down on our hands and knees and inspect that grass why don't we?  Vibrant, greener, taller, shinier, seemingly glistening in the early morning dew and without fail on the other side of a freshly painted white picket fence. But do all these qualities make the grass better, is my wilting, somber, morose, dark green and occasionally brown, patched with dandelions and so called weeds... is it all that much worse. Or maybe we (and here I move into a sort of general 'we' conversational context) all just look at our own grass much more closely, we tend to idealized that greener grass. But have you ever stepped on that other grass, grass that seems to stand at attention, possibly in preparation to salute the all powerful spinning blades of it's Lord and Savior the Lawn Mower. Have you ever walked barefoot in it, crawled on your hands and knees and studied it? It's all sharp and jagged and feels something similar to a paper cut (I hate paper cuts) and you want to lie down in it but it scratches the back of your neck in a very uncomfortable way.  This green grass is not so great . It's all just a big chemical-y facade. I'm happier on this grass. But I've digressed from my non-linear rant and really I feel I should get back to it. 

The modern trend in Television... to watch people who are so miserable, so terrible, so awful, pathetic and shallow in every way that to watch their stupid melodramatic lives makes the viewer feel better about themselves. But to me that is oh so wrong.  Simply using these people as comparison is, in itself, a personal lowering... it's like take a portion of ones soul and placing it in the microwave.....  Movies these days... gimme a break, it's always the same seven clowns doing the same shtick in slightly altered context. Seth Rogan (et al.) and/or Will Ferral (et al.) add drug of choice, place in inherently stupid situation ( I.E. 70's era basketball, Mall cop, Ice skating, drug war, amatuer pornogrophay... you get the picture). Gimme something new something refreshing. And what the fuck kind of name for a James bond movie is Quantum of Solace it sounds like a biography about a lonely Physicist. 

More ranting later.


Rebeca Acosta said...

when I was four I gave a teacher a dandelion as a gift. As soon as I handed it to her she dropped and said that's not a flower it's weed, but until that moment, it was a flower to me. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side but it's really all about the way you look at things.
t.v. sucks. watch movies.

Austin said...

some people like their grass shorter. i'm one of them