Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother Nature has a temper.

I think it's time we as human's take stock. That's right count all your ducks and set them in a row, because the earth, well, in my estimation, she aint' too happy these days. We've been on a tear for way too long, destroying and destroying and destroying our precious terra-firma. And surprise surprise, this entity thats billions of years older than us is starting get really fed up with these little mites on it's surface who keep trying their damnedest to chew up everything good she's got to offer. So maybe the volcano in Iceland wasn't the worst disaster of all time, maybe it's just a warning shot, a little wake up call or what have you. She's just letting us know, that the earths got weaponry that no nuclear bombs can fight, it's armed to the gills with some serious firepower, it's got fire, it's got ice, it's got lightning, it's got earthquakes, tidal waves, winds, you name it she can fuck you up with it. I mean we've all seen the day after tomorrow, despite being a pretty boring movie, it does depict some truly pressing and terrifying imagery (if you haven't, it's about what happens when the earth recedes into another ice age), and what it depicts is not pure fantasy, rather just a possible variant of what this world could lapse into if we don't treat it properly. So take stock.