Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Dirge for another social network...

Twitter oh twitter

you're so very lame

the reason I use you

I just can't explain

Twitter oh twitter

it's all quite the same

your meeps and your tweets

are simply a pain

Twitter oh twitter

I just can't refrain

to post and to post

to bitch and complain

Twitter oh twitter

I constantly strain

to be heard by the world

but it all seems in vain

Twitter oh twitter

I try to maintain

the one-forty limit

but it's so hard to contain

Twitter oh twitter

I've boarded your train

but its only in hopes

of profit and gain

Twitter oh tiwitter

it seems your fates in the drain

and it was going so well

until the new ad campaign.

Twitter oh twitter

you'll soon fall like rain

go the way of the Dodo

and end up like Kurt Cobain

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