Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glove Hurts

Okay, let me make clear a change of tone from yesterday; that post was written by a glove who knew not what was coming. You see I was all excited, I thought "Hey! I'm getting out of this boring old store" and believe me I figured anything was better than hanging around on a wall all day and night, boy was I wrong.

I finished my first day working on the hands of this "Zac" person and I'm going to say right now, right off the bat, I don't like him. Don't get me wrong, he might make some real nice artwork... but he has no regard for his gloves (not just me either, there was veritable graveyard of incapacitated gloves lying around ). He treated me as if I have no feelings at all. Yesterday was my first day on the job, you'd think he'd go easy, gimme a pep talk or something. But no, he just starts welding away. And at first I'm like "hey this isn't so bad" I could see there being a Zen to this.... but then it just keeps going and going. And the heat! My goodness. I mean it ripped a hole in my chest simply from proximity! And thats another thing about this "Zac" fellow he constantly puts me directly on the hot steel! He doesn't even have the regard to dip his work in water or at least wait for it too cool down!! He just keeps it hot and just uses me as shield against the heat, can you believe that?! He just holds me in front of the hot weld flame, so the heat doesn't get to his ungloved right hand! I mean look at me; I'm coming apart at the seems and thats only after day one!

Maybe that was all just some cruel initiation and tomorrow will be an ice cream party...

.... I Hope.


mcglinch said...

oh, there'll be ice cream alright. and pony rides and piƱatas.

suck it up, glove. this is your destiny. do your job and do it well to the end.

Glove said...

Screw you Mcglinch. You don't know my pain.