Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I grow up I want to be an explosion.

I remember when I used to say... "When I grow up I'm gonna be an Artist" or astronaut or whatever. The point is I've come to the realization that there is no actual growing up. We are always who we are, just at different stages of saturation. I've always been an artist and I'd have to say that the purity with which I made art has only been tarnished by my years on this planet. My purest artistry came from wide eyed youth, the art of not knowing any better. I'm still just as much a kid today as I was in elementary school, only now I've soaked up a lot more superfluous knowledge and come up with all kinds of different strange conundrums and conflicting viewpoints about the relevance of my existence and my profession. I do not feel that youth is part and parcel to the ignorance it is often associated with, rather it is a sort of uncorrupted purity which in many ways supersedes intelligence.

Maybe I'm just too corrupted to get my point across without drudging up a condescending psuedo-sophisticant side of myself that only exists in these heavy pontifications and is comprised of words like "psuedo-" and "pontifications" and "comprised"

oh well.

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