Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alright world..

Well, I haven't posted too frequently these days. Maybe I caught a bit of the rampant lethargy that thrives in California. Anyway, I'm back in business. The seasons are changing, things are about to get busy and all that; and it is that business which I live for. So, aside from a brief mud-period which will occur in the next two to four weeks, it's looking like things are about to get serious. I'm going to start posting frequently again, what about, I'm not entirely sure.

One thing on my agenda for the upcoming months is to raise 30 some odd thousand dollars. You see my driving force, my Raison D'etra if you will, is to make sculpture and unfortunately my old shop is on the verge of collapse such that I don't feel comfortable working in it anymore. So I need to pour a concrete slab, get a prefab building and wire it up, should end up costing me around 30 grand. No small task. I have a couple ideas in mind, nothing concrete yet, obviously a bake sale is in the works. But I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I'll be looking to make money in every way possible, except maybe selling my body. So I'll have a whole line of T-shirts in the works, small scale sculptures, large scale sculptures and even one mammoth invest-based project as the summers opus. Also man power will be important, I'm gonna need willing and able volunteers who want to come in and get dirty and live off the fat of the land and Henry David Thoreau it for a weekend or two, because not only do I want to rebuild the shop but I'm looking to utilize the entire ten acres of property which it sits on (fruits, vegetables, art shows, live music, living spaces, art studios, the works). Oh yeah, did I mention: Fuck the economy.

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