Sunday, March 28, 2010

TRL (t-shirt request live) and my take on Hazel Dooney

As per usual: forgive my stupid entry-naming-tendency.

So Recently I've been reading the blog of Hazel Dooney ( ) and I must say, it's quite interesting. The woman is a psuedo-celbrity-artist with an often embittered take on the overall mechanics behind the art world. Reading her blog has been kind of similar to watching those variably happy and depressing movies about famous artists which I love so much, except with an extra focus on economics. As for her artwork, for the most part, I'm not particularly excited (though there are some of her sketches which I do enjoy thoroughly), however I am also of the philosophy that my personal opinion has the same resonance as the buzzing of a fly . In any case her artwork is not the issue, it's what she has to say and how well she says it, that really got me thinking.

What really impresses me about this Hazel character is that she has no qualms about saying anything and everything and putting it out the world (not to mention she does it oh so elegantly) . Maybe it has to do with having reached a certain level of fame where people tend to hang more thoroughly on every-word you say, but whatever the reason may be, this ability is quite impressive to me. There is an unbearable amount of information circulating within the reach of our fingertips and to give unfettered accounts of ones personal thought process, placing it tangibly in the ether, is well... it's scary. I know I can't really do it.

There is much more I could say about all this but Brevity is the word of the moment.

Hazel I tip my hat to you.

Anyway, a couple people have asked for redesigned shirts and though I didn't follow every suggestion to the letter I did mess around a bit and I decided that these two additions were worth posting :

lets call it 13.
and 14.


Anonymous said...



thew red and yellow. SICKKKKKK!
I would wear that twice a week.
mon & friday.