Monday, March 22, 2010

New T-Shirts.

So the first string of new ways in which I plan on raising a little capital is to do another run of T-shirts. I'm going to do three new designs using black on white/white on black. I haven't finalized any designs, but they are in the works at the moment. The real question now is how many do I print. So I figured I will simply take as many advance orders as possible and then base the final order on that.

The shirts will be all be 20 dollars with free shipping or 17 dollars if you buy it direct. I will be doing standard T-shirts and girls T's (and maybe a third thing).

If you have any desire for a shirt, or even think you might have a desire, just post a yes or a maybe in response to this blog.... or let me know in person, or by e-mail ( ), or on facebook.

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