Friday, March 26, 2010

The first run of real T-shirt Designs

A few more roughed out t-shirt ideas.

more to come soon.



the middle one is my favorite. Something I would wear. The top one is something I know people would wear. I don't like the cut off head bubble. The last one is funny. But I couldnt wear it because every time I put it on I would consider what people were thinking about me and then take it off and put on another shirt. but thats just me. I have a whole collections of shirts I wear all the time for like 20 seconds.
anyways, what you really could use is some yellow.

PROZAC said...

So are we talking like, sundrop yellow or lemon yellow. And what about green? don't you care about green?
I will consider doing one colored shirt, but my problem is that the whole spectrum has so much to offer I wouldn't want other colors to feel neglected by my only choosing one... but we'll see once I get everything together.