Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zac Shavrick sings the hits.

Not really.

But I've decided to make a post about some phenomenal things which have come out of the movie and music industry, which may not be entirely recognized (well maybe some are and some aren't). I rarely spend much time putting down my thoughts on pop culture or music or movies, though in reality they are as ever present in my life as they are in everyone else's (I just have trouble admitting it).

First on my list is Andrew Bird. Though he is in no way obscure and is selling out concert halls world wide, I still place him at the top of my list. Mr. Bird is an anomaly in our generation of one sided and narrowly focused musicians. On top of a melodious voice, incredible whistling ability, virtuosic violin playing, not to mention adept handling of 5 or 6 other instruments he's also an inspiring song writer. Watching him perform live is like watching a great painter tackle a blank canvas, he plays a part of the song, loops it, then plays the next part on a different instrument; allowing you to watch him layer and create each of his compositions.

Next I will have to mention Paolo Nutini, the 20 year old scottish singer. Now he may not be as well rounded as Mr. Bird, but he packs quite a voice, in fact it's disturbingly good. Though not all his songs are amazing (and I will attribute that to age) the song Coming Up Easy is both lyrically beautifully and a showcase of this young mans talent.

As for the Movie industry, well I haven't had a chance to go out and see too many movies, but The Coen Brothers': A Serious Man quickly lodged itself high in my top 10 all time movies list.

I've lately been watching those movies about famous dead artists, and I must say; they are some of the most fascinating, intense and usually depressing movies you will ever see. It definitely worries me that the movies based on the careers of every great artists are so dower, but they are all similarly imbued with a spark of life that they cant be overlooked. I would have to say my favorites are: Rembrandt, The Horses Mouth (fictional), Lust for Life (Van Gogh) and Moulan Rouge (Toulouse lautrec).

Oh and Akira Kurisawa films, I can watch those all day (my favorite being RAN)!


I guess that wasn't very Pop, but it was fairly cultural.

go watch Paolo Nutini :


Stack Bundles said...

Dude yes, A Serious Man was dope and Andrew Bird is the shit.

Derek Stevens said...

Zac, if you haven't seen them already, watch "Ryan" (it's a short available online) and "Waking Life."

Oh, also, the series Art:21 by PBS features some seriously talented artists. It's available online at their website:

PROZAC said...

damn right Stack Bundles.

I don't know "ryan" but Waking Life is good when you want to get real deep and introspective.

as for Art:21 it sounds familiar, but i'll have to check it out.

Thanks D

Elizabeth said...

gramma thinks you are a genious in your art and your words.

Elizabeth said...
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