Saturday, March 27, 2010

The T-shirt Designs (part 2)

So the following post is a semi-comprehensive list of the T-shirt ideas and designs I plan on working with. What I need to do now is narrow down the playing field and decide between three designs which I want to further pursue. I will be printing three shirts.... at what quantity I'm not sure... two of them will definitely be black and white and I may consider doing the third one in color. But first I have to decide on the designs. So to help decide which shirts I will print I'm asking anyone who sees this to vote on which design(s) you like the best.
Hooray for Democracy!



Anonymous said...


in that order.

Shannon said...

7 and 8!
- shannon ruiz (purchase)

Norman said...

I'd like to see 3 and 4 plus that same design in red on a black shirt. I'd buy that.

Anonymous said...

7 is very downtown and likable to many but 10 is really striking with the images on the black t-shirt - weird (sic) but not as frightening as the first few. I love the guy with his eyes bugged out but he reminds me of Homer Simpson somehow- Rock the world Zac!

Mac Isseks said...

7 and 8

Cameron said...

7 but in black!
then 2 (I guess I just like black)

I am interested, especially if 7 comes around in black.

They are all sick, however. Keep up the good work, sir.

Brad Porter said...

Four, 7, Eight, are the best choices, but 8 is the winner.. I love you brotha, keep changin the world one weld at a time..

Sharp Knife, safe knife. said...

I guess maybe you dont need need yellow. it is just a nice constructiony happy color. not many colors are contructioney and happy. I like them all and im glad you fixed that guys head. Now I can appreciate his angler fish tongue head. i like that one and the guy with the bugged eyes. the one with tons of stuff. All of the shirt appeal to some type of consumer. I think you just have to figure out who buys the most. i've seen shirts in the same vain as this sold at forever 21, h&m, hot topic and stores like that. you should see if you can get a market with them.

Michael said...

9 and 4 bro. sickness

Patrick said...

Yo Brotha there all dope...I say 7 reminds me of wut u usta do in skool though and that shit is awesome...But I like 5 man I know no one else said that but I dig it...

PROZAC said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. A response and results post is coming soon.

Dan Green said...


Mike Wagner said...

5, 9, 11 !

Michelle Schmitz said...

I would have to say 7, 11, 12. Regardless they are all pretty sweet, good luck babe.

fay said...

7 -has the most commercial appeal. Go for it!! You are so talented!!
B'Hatzlacha. Love, Yo' mama

Alex said...

7 for sure
2 and 3 are the BOMB.

send e-mail when they go for sale.